csa noms: banana pepper pimento cheese

first things first – photography pimento cheese is probably one of the hardest things i’ve ever done. so, i apologize for the picture. but it was the best that i could do. i considered not posting because this is a visual blog, and i felt the photography was lackluster. but that would require depriving you of this recipe. which i simply cannot do.

i made this recipe for a TON of people at a tailgate. so feel free to scale it down.


2 lbs of sharp cheddar cheese (block)
2 jars of pimento cheese (7 oz. each)
10 to 12 banana peppers, diced
5 tablespoons of mayonaise


shred the cheese. DO NOT BUY PRESHREDDED CHEESE. it will be too dry. mix cheese, pimentos, banana peppers and mayonnaise in a bowl. i would suggest starting with half the mayo at first, and then adding more as needed to get the consistency you like. i started with 2 tablespoons and ended up at about 5, but it’s really a matter of preference. chill overnight for best results.


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