mini banana cupcakes with honey cinnamon buttercream frosting

i bought some mini muffin pans a couple of months ago and am constantly looking for new things to make in them. today’s adventure: mini cupcakes. a trusty search of martha stewart’s web site lead me here. DELICIOUS. i ran out of frosting unfortunately. but they taste kinda like banana bread, so i’m sure i can justify the naked ones as breakfast sometime this week.


huevos rancheros in individual tortilla cups


i’ve never made huevos rancheros. but i’ve had it before. and it’s delicious. so to the google i go! i came up with this recipe. when i realized that i could make them in super awesome individual tortilla cups, i knew the recipe was a keeper!

long time, no blog: veggie lasagna

hey, y’all! long time, no blog. i know. my csa ended about a month ago, and i’ve just been feeling a little lackluster in the kitchen. but dinner tonight was EXCELLENT, so i’m posting!

while i can’t boast that tonight was a local meal, it was completely organic. yes. every bit of it. and my milk came from a farm in the blue ridge mountains. for the first time in my life, i can tell you where my milk came from. so, in the end, i still feel good about tonight’s meal.

here’s the recipe. two new things for me tonight: 1. lasagna WITHOUT a red sauce. delicious! 2. putting panko bread crumbs on top of lasagna. even more delicious!