peach basil pizza


i have recently found a pizza crust that i really like. i know, i know – i should learn how to make my own. but i’ve only been really experimenting in the kitchen for the past year and a half or so, so i haven’t mastered everything. it’s by pillsbury, and it’s just a “classic crust”. i made a gorgonzola pear pizza last week that was AWESOME! so when my mom gave me a bag of fresh peaches on sunday, i wondered if i could make a pizza out of it. after googling “peach pizza” and sorting through all the dessert pizza recipes, i came across this.

because it’s my first go round, i didn’t make any modifications – other than cheating and buying my pizza dough.

NOTE: next time i’m putting corn meal or flour between the baking sheet and the dough. otherwise the peach juice seeps down and caramelizes – making it like gorilla glued to the baking sheet. still DELICIOUS though.


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